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Technology is hard. So don’t go at it alone. At Swyft we are entrepreneurs at heart and have taken our own lumps with the hard knocks that come with running a company based on technology. We are here to help you pick up the ball and keep it moving by working alongside you to achieve your company goals. Our team of Senior level developers and business strategists are prepared to bring their wealth of knowledge to the table and put it to work for you acting as your Chief Technology Officer and other strategic business services. 

CTO Services – Building On The Right Technology, The First Time

We live in a day where everyone has a 16 year old nephew or a non-technical person with an opinion on which technology you should build your business on. We have decades worth of experience leading software oriented business. Let our process work for you so it’s built using scalable technologies that will grow with your business.  

1. Understand Then Plan. Before even deciding on a tech stack, our executive team will work to understand both your business goal and how your customers are expected to interact with your new application or website. Once that understanding is achieved we use a phased development approach to deliver more value to your customers faster. 

2. Architect Then Build. It’s your Chief Technical Officers job to ensure that your are using the right technologies to scale appropriately with your business. As your acting CTO, we will work to first architect a solution and determine the correct technologies to use so it’s built right the first time. After a solution is developed a phased development approach will be used to meet technological milestones that allow you focus on what is the most important task, growing your business. 

3. Deploy And Scale. In many cases, user adoption is only as good as your deployment process. After building your technology platform we will work tirelessly to put in the right systems that allow your technology to scale with your business growth. 

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