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Swyft Interactive takes on-page search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. We know you want your website to both attract and retain attention, and to do that you need search engines on your side. Our process identifies your site’s needs and fulfills them using the latest tools and techniques. Combine that with our experience and knowledge and success soon follows. We use a combination of the most popular SEO optimization tools alongside our own proprietary methods to first determine what steps to take. Then, we follow that thorough examination with the best actions to boost your site’s prominence in major search engines and its overall reputation online.

Tools We Leverage For SEO

What Does Our On-page SEO Service Include?

It all begins with the investigation into every page on your website and what it needs to make it successful. This is more than automatic code checking or scanning for a few keywords. We help you identify what you should target and how to do so in the best way possible.

SEO’s goal is to keep your website at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords. The process involves a holistic approach to every aspect of how a visitor finds and perceives your website from the browser bar title to high-quality blog posts to quick load graphics with topical tags. 

On-page optimization encompasses a variety of tasks:

  • Keyword Selection And Usage. Using the best long-tail keywords is key to ranking high in the search engines. We identify what people really search for and what will work best for your site.
  • Clean Code Foundation. Search engine spiders find the good stuff faster with no code problems cluttering things up. Everything from the title tag, sub-headings, and links gets checked and corrected.
  • Design Options. Fast-loading images and other media make the site more user-friendly and attractive to search engines. Layout selection, where to put headings, and graphic or other media inclusion contributes to overall search engine friendliness as well.
  • Both Internal And External Link Building. From anchor text to target CSS, we know the best way to make your links attract attention. These forge important connections between site pages and off-site results too, both things that contribute to the overall SEO strategy.
  • Content Creation. Quality, optimized content is the cornerstone of any successful website. Let us help you create some that works or audit the content you already have to make it work harder for you.
  • Media Optimization. From graphic choices, resizing, and orchestrating quick load times to video options and more. Every aspect of your website should complement the on-page strategy. Making sure everything is mobile friendly also helps.

On-site SEO also looks at the overall user experience so visitors are more likely to stay and share what they find on your website. Within each of these tasks lies multiple sub-tasks necessary to make the whole site rank high and attract attention. We put a check in every box on an exhaustive on-site SEO service project.

Why Choose Swyft For On-page SEO?

Our team at Swyft Interactive has the most effective blend of experience, knowledge, and forward thinking that allows us to deliver what our clients want and need in the shortest time possible. Not only do we look at the whole picture when it comes to everything from software app development to SEO optimization tasks, we can narrow down our focus to precision tasks necessary to get the job done right.

On-page SEO services cover a vast array of specialties and skills. You would not want a team on your side who doesn’t understand current best practices. We leverage the power of the best SEO platforms in the world to identify your site’s weaknesses and then we fix them and fortify them with everything from code clean up to proper plugin adjustment.

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