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Still Using Old Tactics And Expecting New Sales To Grow?

Fellow Firearms Industy Leader,

Once upon a time, you embarked on a journey with your firearms business, fueled by dreams of expansion and innovation. Your goal: to continuously crank out awesome products, attract new customers, and grow – even when the market seems against you.

But here’s the challenge – without a solid marketing strategy and robust systems, potential leads slip through the cracks. Each missed opportunity erodes your revenue. Efforts to enhance your marketing—whether through content creation or adding yet another tactic—often feel like shots in the dark.

The weight of these challenges can slow your momentum, flatten sales, and sow seeds of doubt about where to focus your energy first.

It’s time for a new chapter.

I’ve been in the trenches, developing and deploying resources that have catalyzed significant growth for leading names in the firearms industry. My approach is not about throwing tactics at the wall to see what sticks; it’s a proven formula designed to unlock your company’s full potential.

Our strategy doesn’t just skim the surface with one-off tactics. We architect your customers’ entire buying journey, from the initial encounter to loyal advocacy, powered by smart automation and deep insights specific to the firearms industry.

Here’s the evidence of what my expertise has accomplished:

  • As the Director of Marketing, I spearheaded Big Daddy Unlimited’s growth, increasing yearly revenue by 470% in just 3 years.
  • As the Head-Of-All-Things Marketing, I played a crucial role in scaling Firearms Depot from an idea to $18M in revenue in under 36 months.


Today, I’m offering to bring this level of explosive growth and strategic insight to your business. Whether stepping in as the head of your marketing efforts or supplementing your current team, I’m here to make a difference.

Schedule a call with me to explore how we can:

  • Significantly increase your monthly lead flow
  • Boost your sales numbers
  • Increase growth within just 6 months


I specialize in helping firearms companies like yours achieve remarkable sales growth and market presence.

Ready to aim higher? Let’s talk.

We Build Better Customer Buying Journeys, Period.



Klaviyo Email Marketing + Funnel Automation

We’ll help you create targeted email automation sequences to achieve an increase in conversion and sales. This enables us to optimize a customer’s buying journey that typically consists of multiple touch points and milestones.

Turn Visitors Into Buyers

Conversion Optimization

Sure, we design beautiful sites. But there’s much more to it than that. You need to continuously test, experiment and improve with gradual changes to get the most impact out of your website and marketing material.

We do this through consistent A/B Testing, Page Design changes, and Conversion Audits that get results. 

swyft firearms conversion rate optimization
affiliate network management

Tap Into New Markets

Affiliate Network Development

Knowing HOW to have an influencer promote your product is just as important as WHO it is. We’ll implement an affiliate program that will build a small army to promote your products and drive more sales. 

Eliminate friction to click

We'll Let The Results Speak...

Complete Brand Development

“Leon and his team lead the development and aesthetic we used for launching the N1 and N1 Pro. It was incredibly successful and had all of the pieces needed to capture customers and sell out each run.”

Bobby Horan

Owner, Naroh Arms

New Partnerships

“We were looking for new partnerships to expand our market footprint. Leon brought us into two new retailers that helped us do just that. But more so we were impressed with how it was all handled. Thanks guys!”

Bill Vitiello

Marketing, Langdon Tactical

Organized and Executed Flawlessly

“Worked with Leon during the BDU days. On all of the campaigns we did together he was incredibly well organized and the execution was flawless. We drove an insane amount of new customers for both brands together.”

Damon Paine

Marketing, Nine Line Apparel

The Numbers Don't Lie

“Not only did Leon build our website that is the foundation of our business… He also built our email marketing program that drives over 40% of our revenue on a yearly basis and implemented a number of other marketing technologies that make us money.”

Bert Ingley


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As mentioned in the video, The offer here is simple. Let me show exactly how we can help you drive more sales and get more customers through marketing properly in a regulated industry. We can direct your entire marketing efforts or supplement your team to achieve greater results. 

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table: 

Zero Commitment. Just an opportunity to learn more on both sides.

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