Wish Farms is one of the largest fruit growers in the United States. Through one of our agency partners, Swyft built a brand new website that gave Wish customers a place to find fun new recipes and learn more about Wish and their processes. But it didn’t stop there. Wish Farms produces millions of cartons of berries that go to supermarkets around the country and they wanted to track what customers were saying about them. On the front-end the “Hows My Picking” survey system allows a customer to take the 16 digit number off their carton, enter it on the website and go through a survey system that asks them about quality and satisfaction with their purchase. On the back-end we built a ground up system that parses millions of records to match that customers package with the Farmer who grew the berries and tracks the carton down to the exact location the berries from on the farm. This results in an amazing quality control system across their entire organization.

Website URL: http://wishfarms.com

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