Leon McIntosh Head of Digital Strategy at Swyft
Leon McIntosh

Head of Strategy

Our fearless leader and head of client strategy. Leon founded Swyft 7 years ago with the goal of helping others build their businesses.

Matt Galvin Swyft Chief Technical Officer
Matt Galvin

Head of Technology

When not running or biking long distances, Matt is the Swyft Director of Technology. With 20+ years of C-level tech experience you can say he is a ninja.

Roseanne McIntosh Facebook Advertising Specialist
Roseanne McIntosh

Facebook Advertising

Roseanne slices and dices social data to drive the best ROAS you can achieve with social advertising. She’s Facebook Blueprint Certified to kick a$$.

Dana Stanley Swyft Copywriter
Dana Stanley

Lead Copywriter

You could say she has a way with words. Dana works across all Swyft clients to craft brilliant marketing messages that drive conversions across all platforms.

Hunter McIntosh Google Ads Specialist
Hunter McIntosh

Google Specialist

Research is his name and Google advertising is his game. Hunter is versed in all forms of Google Ad products and drives new revenue for Swyft clients.

Steven Fage ActiveCampaign Specialist
Steven Fage

ActiveCampaign Specialist

An Engineer by trade, Steven helps companies establish the automations around running a business utilizing the ActiveCampaign marketing tool.